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Pediatric Excellence: Now Babies come with an Instruction Manual!

By Dr. M. Anderson FAAP "" (Canton, GA USA)

As of Spring 2009 I am teaching pediatric doctors in training that this "non-profit" book, published by The Am. Academy of Pediatrics, is essentially "Pediatric Excellence." The book is a compilation of the best advice from over 100 pediatrician experts of the Academy. The information covers the spectrum from unborn to one year.

The advice is practical and traditional. Those looking for a "trendy" or "novel" approach to baby care should look elsewhere. Those seeking the "tried and true" will find this book (containing THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS official positions on pediatric health) the perfect "go to" baby book. Finally, for the price, there is hardly any better value. Consider the following overview with best wishes with you new baby:

"PART I, Preparing for a New Baby," starts with pages on getting-it-right with your prenatal person. Topics include, choosing a pediatrician, preparing your home and family for arrival, routine and not so routine issues that can occur during delivery and immediate day-to-day care.

In "PART II" these pediatrician experts address the many questions that some parents may not have the time or courage to ask their pediatrician. How many BM's and what color? Birth-marks, Colic, the umbilical chord, traveling, going outside, baby's ability to smell, sitters, day care, and pages and pages of more. The breast-feeding chapter is a recipe for success, while not demeaning people who for one reason or another need to bottle-feed.

The books exhaustive index is a quick guide for re-checking or searching down a certain problem. Unlike many other books, this one covers the health from the baby's perspective, with the express focus of what is best for your baby's care, directly from the Academy, the world's foremost advocate and authority on children's medicine.

Each chapter contains information that is easy to read, yet avoids being simplistic. All parents, no matter their experience or education will find the information in these pages essential and valuable. For best results, buy the book early in mother's last trimester. If you wait until the baby arrives you will miss one-third of the book. However, if you wait until after the birth, you need to also go out and buy it for the rest of your baby's first year. It is still worth it. As a practicing pediatrician and a professor of pediatrics I give the book to each every new parent and each and every new pediatrician in training. At the Northside Children's Pediatric Center this book is required reading.

Doctor "Mike"
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

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